Druid Horoscope

Different sources offer different translations of the word “druid”: perhaps it means “people of the oak,” and can be – a “very learned”. The Druids were the guardians of the ancient teachings of particular men and nature, and are the authors not only of wood horoscope and horoscope floral Celts. Unfortunately, until we came very little reliable information about the caste of initiates, because their teachings were secret – distributed only to the elect, and who are in this circle was strictly forbidden in any way to record the knowledge.

It is known that the Druids believed that human nature is associated with a date of birth. Year as the horoscope in the teachings of the Druids was divided into two periods, consisting of 18 segments in length within a few days. Each segment has its own pair (segment-“twin”) in the second period. The names of the segments correspond to the name of a tree, from the “nature” of which depended on current events and the fate of people born at this time. Great importance to the Druids gave days of winter and summer solstice, between them and placed the already mentioned 18 pairs of characters, as well as days of spring and summer equinoxes. Total arboreal Druid horoscope includes 22 characters: 18 pairs and 4 singles (corresponding to the days of summer and winter solstices, spring and summer equinox).

Apple Tree (Dec 22-Jan 1 / Jun 25-Jul 4)

Fir (Jan 2-11 / Jul 5-14)

Elm (Jan 12-24 / Jul 15-25)

Cypress (Jan 25-Feb 3 / Jul 26-Aug 4)

Poplar (Feb 4-8 / Aug 5-13)

Hackberry (Feb 9-18 / Aug 14-23)

Pine (Feb 19-29 / Aug 24-Sep 2)

Willow (Mar 1-10 / Sep 3-12)

Lime (Mar 11-20 / Sep 13-22)

Hazel (Mar 22-31 / Sep 24-Oct 3)

Rowan (Apr 1-10 / Oct 4-13)

Maple (Apr 11-20 / Oct 14-23)

Walnut (Apr 21-30 / Oct 24-Nov 2)

Jasmine (May 1-14 / Nov 3-11)

Chestnut (May 15-24 / Nov 12-21)

Ash (May 25-Jun 3 / Nov 22-Dec 1)

Ironwood (Jun 4-13 / Dec 2-11)

Fig (Jun 14-23 / Dec 12-21)

Oak (Mar 21 Vernal Equinox)

Birch (Jun 24 Summer Solstice)

Olive (Sep 23 Autumnal Equinox)

Beech (Dec 21-22 Winter Solstice)