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Dear Druids, bards, priests and curious readers – Welcome to the Neo Druidism website. This website is a project created by myself with association with DruidO, all the way from Italy! :)
We want to introduce valuable information about the unique pagan religion of Druidism, Neo Druidism, Druidry. It is has many Celtic roots and connected Celtic mythology, and has been finally recognized as an official religion in the UK (Yes!!).

There is much to learn and know about Druidism and the differences between ancient Celtic druidism and neo-druidism. We have articles on traditions of druids, on ranks and teachings, explanations about ogam (ogham), literature and druidic poetry. A collection of original poems with rich Celtic, druistic and nature influences, as well as a collection of special rituals and druidism spells to perform for the pagan holidays and various occasions.

Be sure to look for updates on the website, since we are still building it and write more articles for each of the sections so that more people could understand druidism better. We have a few good members of the druidic community helping us create this resource for you, and I want to say a BIG thanks to them. If you want to contribute as well, please send us your stories and poems to our email so that we could publish. We cherish and respect every piece of druid art, so in most cases we will definitely publish original art on the website.

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About Druids and Druidism

The Druids were the priests of the Celts – the descendants of the Atlanteans. The very word “druid” is translated as “people of the oak,” as oak – the sacred tree of the Druids. The Druids were organized by the Order of the magic, their magic system, which has its roots in the days of Atlantis, the history and details are still unknown to us. In the Celtic tribes, the Druids were scientists, doctors, diviners, lawyers played an intermediary between men and gods, – enjoyed universal respect and have the true power. One of the biggest taboos forbade the Druids that record – either from their teachings, as in the hands of the ignorant that knowledge, without exaggeration, could result in global catastrophe. Its system of Druids founded on an abstract concept, which they called “Power,” which meant no dominion over other people or forces of nature, but the possession itself and through itself – the world around them.

The Druids were known throughout Europe and the East for their schools, libraries, universities. Learning the art of the druid took place at least twenty calendar years, and began at an early age. Candidates for the students were carefully selected, after which were the most able and promising candidates. At the beginning of the training, each student was devoted to a particular manifestation of deity, which then acted as an adviser and guide to another world, but also determined the order of steps that the student had to pass (the order was strictly individual for each student).
Universities were divided into three ranks of training:

Ovydd / Vate – initial rank learning. The disciples wore a green dress (the color of innovation / growth), and studied medicine, law, astronomy, poetry and music, as well as a number of necessary disciplines.

Bard / Beirdd – the second rank. The disciples wore blue clothing (the color of the sky, harmony and truth), and studied art and music instruments, poetry, history, Spell lyrics. After training their duty was to go around the country to engage in diplomacy, transfer news, gather information for the ruling branch of druidism.

Druid / Derwyddon – dressed in white (the color of purity, knowledge, and spiritual communion). Actually they were prophets, priests, counselors, judges and attorneys.

Each step of training ended with initiation rites and certain tests, and sometimes deadly. Druid power was limitless, and the authority is not exposed to even the slightest doubt. “They are strong in the knowledge of the stars and calculations on them and use a telescope to bring the magic of the moon, making the light brighter.” Diodorus of Sicily, the Greek historian, 60 BC.
Secret – one of the main sections with which the student learns about in Druid traditions. It is not uncommon for members of any magic school.
Dr. Carl Gustav Jung in his autobiography, “Memories, Dreams, Reflections,” says: “There is no better means of intensification of the precious sense of individuality than the possession of a secret that a person has sworn to keep. Like having had a very strong influence on my character and I think this is the most important significant factor in his childhood.” It is worth mentioning druids passion for numbers, especially among the “three” and its derivatives. The most visible traces of ancient esoteric practices of the Celts are a representation of wisdom in the form of triplets, or triads, a trend that permeates all Celtic art and literature, was also called The Law of Three Claims.

Below are some three-line, over which I would recommend to reflect the guest, because it is immutable and unalterable truth:

Three human essences:

Whom he considers himself.
Who to believe others.
What he really is.

Three spiritual rules that guide a person:

Possession of them.
Possession of the world.
Possession of the unknown.

Three things that should be controlled above all:

The arm.
The desire.

Three signs of cruelty:

No need to frighten the animal.
No need to break off the plant.
No need to chase the favors and privileges.

Three keys to druidic ruling:

To know.
To dare.
To remain silent.

The Druid Vow of Friendship

I honor your path
I drink from your well
I bring an unprotected heart
To our meetingplace
I hold no cherished outcome
I will not negotiate by witholding
I am not subject to disappointment